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​SWS -Sodi W Series-

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​What is SWS

The SWS (Sodi World Series) is the world's largest ranking system for rental kart drivers,

with free registration.
As of 2020, there are approximately 60,000 registered rental karters

in 30 countries around the world.
More than 3,500 races are held every month at 250 circuits around the world that use Sodikarts.

More than 3500 races are held every month at 250 circuits around the world.
The world-wide point system is used for both beginners and advanced racers.

It is truly racing entertainment.

Easy & Free Registration!
The SWS is an international network of circuits

The SWS has races every day of the year somewhere in the world.

You can participate in any race you want at your own pace.

You can participate in races anywhere,

whether it's a circuit near you or one of the most famous circuits in the world,

and enjoy it alone or with friends.

By participating in races, you can earn points and improve your ranking.


Aim for the Annual Ranking and World Finals!
The SWS website will update your results and ranking every day!

and you can compare your results with your friends and drivers around the world.

The SWS is for all rental karters.

 and is a great way to enjoy your karting life.

The SWS is for all karting rentals and is a great way to enjoy your karting life and reach the SODI World Finals, an international event held every year!
Now, choose the category you want to participate in, put the pedal to the metal, and hit the gas!

Sodi W Series Global Regulations


Harbor Circuit Chiba Indoor Course


  Chiba Sports Plaza 2F,

 13-26 Desuminato, Chuo Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture

 TEL 043-441-3243

Business hours

(shortened business hours for the time being)

◆Weekdays    13:00~22:30 →12:00-21:30

◆Sat/Sun/holidays 10:00-22:30 →10:00-21:30

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