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A full-scale circuit where you can feel nature and enjoy it because it is outdoors

Kisarazu course


Specially designed circuit for kids!

You can drive on a special course that is separate from go-karts.
With the same ease of driving.
but with a real course layout with banks and hairpins.
You'll feel like a professional racer!
It is also possible to run two cars at the same time for time measurement.
Adults can also ride, so it's double the fun if you and your child battle it out!
Each lap takes about 45 seconds.

kidracer-hd-picture (1).png

You can drive by myself!

"I want to drive a car like an adult!"
We have a cart that can fulfill such wishes of children.
This is the KID RACER designed by SodiKart of France.
The go-kart was developed to be safe and easy to drive.
It has protective bumpers all around and electronic brakes that activate when the gas pedal is turned off.
It also comes with seat belts and an emergency stop button.

※Children ages 4 and up can drive by themselves.
※2-year-olds can enjoy a two-seater.
※Back seat is for ages 20 and up.


Arrive & Drive

800 yen once

~ Flow of one session ~

Running time is 4 minutes

You can continue to drive until the time comes.

When you finish driving, there will be an announcement of the driving results,

One session is over.

If you want to run again, you need to apply again at the reception.

Reception will be at Kids Racer Land or Clubhouse.


Harbor Circuit Kisarazu Track


  1-4 Tsukiji, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture Outside Building in Aeon Mall Kisarazu

 TEL 0438-53-8055

Business hours (winter business period)

◆Weekdays    11:00~20:30

◆Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-20:30

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