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With the replacement of the new system,
New registrants and those who already have a license card
(those who visit for the first time after 2023.2.15)
All customers will be required to register in the new system

If you have a license card and have completed registration
Please present your license card at the reception.

Please refer to the manual below for driver registration.

*Riding results will be sent by e-mail after the run.
Registration requires one email address per personbecomes.
*If you do not have an e-mail address or do not require e-mail delivery, you cannot register online.
Register at the dedicated terminal when visiting the storePlease.
*Riding results will not be printed, so if you do not register by e-mail,
Please check the driving results from the dedicated terminal in the store or the website.

*Registration requires a smartphone or a PC with a webcam.

* In rare cases, there have been problems such as being unable to register when there are customers with the same name, or not being able to register their e-mail address. In that case, please contact us at the time of your visit.



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