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Kisarazu outdoor - Groups Fee

Group race: General kart only

(Available for people over 15 years old and over 145 cm tall)

Maximum number of races: 10 general karts

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[Discount service]

★ Group discount: 500 yen discount from the price below per person for 11 people or more

★ Women / Students / Senior Discount: 500 yen discount from the following rates

(Student: Show student ID card Senior: 60 years old or older proof of age required)

マイフェイスマスク202112v2 のコピー.jpg

Due to the cancellation of face mask rental from December 1, those who do not have their own balaclava / helmet will need to purchase Balaclava (500 yen).


License JPY 500/person


* Reissued 500 yen if lost
Those who drive need a license.

If you do not have it, you can issue it for 500 yen.

No annual membership fee and no expiration date.


Balaclava JPY 500/person


If you use a rental helmet,

you will need to purchase one.

You may also bring your own balaclava.

GRK のコピー-min.jpg

What is a groups?

Reservation priority

It is a plan that you can race without reservation.

Of course, winning or losing can be decided even in sports driving,

Now that you've come to the circuit, why not aim for the podium?

The number of runs varies depending on the plan, but the details of the run are

"Practice run": It is a run for practice literally. It runs in a time attack format.

As with sports driving, we will start with a line of PITs.

"Qualifying time attack"

It is a run to decide the grid position of the final.

In the time attack format, the 1st place became the 1st grid of the final.

After that, the 2nd place will be connected to the 2nd grid.

This is also a start from PIT.

"Final race"

This race will determine the final ranking.

Unlike the time attack so far, it is lined up on the course as shown in the image

The signals will start all at once.

The tension at the moment when the signal turns green

The moment when everyone jumps into the corner at once

No matter how many times you taste it

And after the race, there will be an award ceremony.

Take a commemorative photo by handing the medal or trophy to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

We will give you medals and trophies, so please take them home as a memorial.

I want to be number one! In such a case, let's practice sports driving!

Tips for speeding up It may be a good idea to ask the staff how to win the race.

[! ] *Holidays only. Practice and qualifying combined with a 10 minute time attack -> then Final race.

グループレースするならハーバーサーキット202107 のコピー.jpg

For other driving plans

Harbor Circuit Kisarazu Outdoor Store


  1-4 Tsukiji, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture Outside Building in Aeon Mall Kisarazu

 TEL 0438-53-8055

business hours

◆Weekdays    12:00~21:30

◆Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-21:30

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