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Kisarazu outdoor - Plan & Fee


Arrive&Drive Plan

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Reservations cannot be made

( please drive in the order of reception)

Since the course private events at the time held can not travel schedule please check the.

Maximum number of runs: 9 general karts, 8 junior karts

マイフェイスマスク202112v2 のコピー.jpg




License Card
Required for first time visitors

If you do not have one, please fill out the application form and come to the reception desk.

Sister store Harbor Circuit Chiba Indoor Store
Free issuance upon presentation of driver's license.


No annual fee and no expiration date
**Lost can be reissued



Rental helmet (free rental)

​ You will need it when you use it.

* You can bring your own

※Not required if you have your helmet


General Kart

Driver requirements
15 years old & over145 cm


One-time fee​¥2000 / 6 min
* Women / Students / Seniors: ¥2000


Junior Kart

Driver requirements
7 years old & over120 cm


One-time fee
​¥2000 / 6 min

* General kart fee for over 15 years old



Driver requirements
2-3 years old: 2 seater
4 years old and over: 1-seater


One-time fee
¥800 / 4 min

* Per unit: ¥1000


Two-seater Kart2DRIVE

Driver requirements
Driver's seat
15 years old & over 145cm
Passenger seat
7 years old & over 120cm

One-time fee​
¥3200 / 6 min


​To minors

Minors need the consent and signature of their parents when applying for a license card.​ Please come with a guardian, or download the application form from the following and print it in paper size A4 and Please fill in the form in advance and bring it with you.

成年年齢引き下げ のコピー.jpg

​What is Arrive&Drive?

It is a basic plan that even one person can easily drive.

Reservations cannot be made, please drive in the order of reception.

Please check the schedule as you cannot run when the course is reserved or the event is held.


Driving will be in sessions (groups) that match the same driving level.

The first one runs with the faster one! Because that can be avoided

You can use it with confidence even if you are new to the cart and are worried about it.


One run is a 6-minute time attack,

The beginning is not always the first place,

Even one lap in 6 minutes can be ranked first if it is faster than others.

In addition, your own driving results will be printed after driving.

You can check not only the session but also the "ranking of the day" and "ranking of the month".
How much were you

There is also a level board and a strategy map in the store that gives you an idea of ​​the time.

If you ask the staff, may they give you some tips?


One run is not enough! For those who say

We recommend a great deal on coupon tickets.

A convenient rental cart that is ideal for new hobbies and stress relief!

Please experience this excitement once.

I don't know for the first time ...

How about a "start pack" for such people?

License issuance + Balaclava With logo + 3 times ticket set is 6500 yen!

Let's Enjoy Karting !!

Advantageous plan


Start pack

JPY 6500 (general)

JPY 5700 (Jr / female / student / senior)

It is a profitable pack limited to first-time customers.

License issuance and face mask with logo

It is a set of 3 tickets.

If you get lost, this is recommended.


Ladies' day

JPY 1000/ Wednesday only

For female customers who run on Wednesday

You can run for 1000 yen at a time.

Payment will be made for each travel reception.

* Bulk purchase is not possible

* Not applicable during special business such as Golden Week, Obon, and New Year holidays.


5 times ticket

JPY 9000 (general) 

JPY 8000 (Jr, female, student, senior)

It is for 5 times of 6 minutes running. It can be used for each time.

Valid only for the person, the expiration date is

Valid for one year from purchase .

If lost, it cannot be reissued or refunded.


5 times tickets (for kidsKart)

JPY 3800

It is for 5 times of 4 minutes running. It can be used for each time.

Valid only for the person, the expiration date is

Valid for one year from purchase .

If lost, it cannot be reissued or refunded.


Weekday limited 2 times ticket * Same day limited

4500 yen (general)

3800 yen (Jr / female / student / senior)

This ticket can be used on weekdays.

It is more profitable than the usual two runs.

It is valid only for the person and will be used up on the day.

If lost, it cannot be reissued or refunded.

* Not applicable during special business such as Golden Week, Obon, New Year holidays, and holidays .


3 times ticket

JPY 6000 (general) 

JPY 5200 (Jr, female, student, senior)

It is for 3 times of 6 minutes running.

It can be used once.

Valid only for the person, the expiration date is

Valid for one year from purchase .

If lost, it cannot be reissued or refunded.


8 times ticket

JPY 12500 (general) 

JPY 11500 (Jr / female / student / senior) 

It is for 6 minutes running 8 times. It can be used for each time.

Valid only for the person, the expiration date is

Valid for one year from purchase .

If lost, it cannot be reissued or refunded.



Ticket of Limited-time


About expiration date of coupon

★For sale from May 1st to June 30th, 2021  
[2022 edition coupon ticket] will be December 31, 2022.
★For sales worth 2021 July 1, 2021 is one year effective from purchase.

旧木更津回数券終了お知らせ_page-0001 (1).jpg
ギフトカード木更津v2 のコピー.jpg

Clothes and other precautions


Clothing and equipment

◆ Basic empty-handed & no belongings are OK.
◆ Helmets are rented free of charge.
* Helmets are required.
◆ When using my helmet, full face jet, etc.
Anything with a shield visor that covers the front can be used.
* See illustration
◆ Gloves are not required, but can be rented free of charge to those who wish.
◆ It is possible to run with short sleeves and shorts, but we recommend long sleeves and long pants.
◆ You cannot run in clothes that flutter in the wind, such as skirts, dresses, and stoles.
Please wear the jersey and windbreaker that are rented free of charge.
◆ Since you cannot run with simple footwear such as sandals and heels, please change to free rental shoes.
* You need to wear socks. If you don't have one, you can purchase it for 150 yen.
Please remove those that are applied to the neck all ◆. (Accessories and muffler, etc.)
◆ Empty all pockets.

Free rental items
Helmet / Globe / Face Mask / Neck Guard
Jersey (trousers), windbreaker, hair clip (rubber), shoes
※ Please note that there is a limit to the size and quantity.


Motorsport is dangerous
To drive safely
Please observe the following notes

・ People who are drinking alcohol, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, have difficulty in exercising or making judgments,

Those who are using drugs are not allowed to run.
・ Please refrain from those who are in poor physical condition or cannot use it physically.
・ Never intentionally hit the vehicle, meander, or drive in a dangerous manner such as reverse driving.
・ Because motor sports are dangerous, please be sure to follow the staff's guidance and instructions.
・ If the staff judges that it is dangerous, we may refuse to drive. Please note.

・ Because it is dangerous, please do not watch the tour outside the spectators' seats.

・ Keep an eye on your child.

スピードシステム2022 のコピー.jpg

About the speed system

As a safety measure, Harbour Circuit has
We have a speed system in place.
For first timers, a limiter will be applied.
Once you have passed the criteria, the speed will increase.

If you are a second or subsequent customer and have not yet achieved the standard best time
A limiter will be applied.

for other driving plans

Harbor Circuit Kisarazu Outdoor Course


  1-4 Tsukiji, Kisarazu City,

Chiba Prefecture Outside Building in Aeon Mall Kisarazu

 TEL 0438-53-8055

business hours

◆Weekdays    12:00~21:30

◆Sat/Sun/Holidays 10:00-21:30

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