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The track is indoors, so it's fun even on rainy days.

Chiba Indoor Course


Indoor circuit is
morphing into a for-kids circuit !

When kids karts are driving, the course is dedicated to them.
No engine karts will be mixed in.
Although the layout does not use multilevel intersections
There are hairpins, tunnels, and banks.
Lots of fun!
Each lap takes about 50 seconds.

You can drive by myself!

"I want to drive a car like an adult!"
We have a cart that can fulfill such wishes of children.
This is the KID RACER designed by SodiKart of France.
The go-kart was developed to be safe and easy to drive.
It has protective bumpers all around and electronic brakes that activate when the gas pedal is turned off.
It also comes with seat belts and an emergency stop button.

※Children ages 4 and up can drive by themselves.
※2-year-olds can enjoy a two-seater only.
※Back seat is for ages 20 and up.


Arrive & Drive

One time 1,000 yen
~Flow of one run~
Running time is 6 minutes.You can continue running until your time is up.
When you finish, you will receive a result sheet.
This is the end of one run.
If you want to run one more time, you need to apply again at the reception.
* If you are a new user, you will need to purchase a license for the first time (500 yen).

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