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Kisarazu Go-Kart Information

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Adult Kart

Boarding rules

Over 15 years old and over 145 cm tall.
* Both are satisfied and you can board.

* Minors need the consent of their first parents.

*Even if you meet the riding conditions, the seats do not fit.

・If you cannot reach the pedals ・If you cannot tighten the seat belt, etc.

​We may refuse. Please contact us for details.

renewal in 2024

Sodi, Inc.
High class model



The RT8 is equipped with a 200cc gasoline engine,

A full-scale racing experience is possible even with a rental kart.

The engine is powerful but you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Not to mention seat belts. Roll bar/360 degree protection mechanism

-Equipped with a front bumper with a shock absorbing mechanism.

​Enjoy direct driving.

Sodi, Inc.

Popular models



The LR5 has a 160cc gasoline engine

"I want to ride a car similar to an adult" "I want to drive alone"

It is a model that can fulfill the wishes of such children.

Of course, it is equipped with a seat belt and 360 degree protection

The accelerator pedal is green so that even beginners can understand it easily.

The brake pedal is colored red so you can drive with peace of mind.

The staff will explain the boarding for the first time.

​You can also control the engine speed by remote control.

Junior Kart


Boarding rules

7 years old or older and 120 cm or more in height.
* Both are satisfied and you can board.

*The consent of the first parent is required.

*Even if you meet the riding conditions, the seats do not fit.

・If you cannot reach the pedals ・If you cannot tighten the seat belt, etc.

​We may refuse. Please contact us for details.



Boarding regulations

4 years old and over*Two-year-olds or older for two-seater

*Up to 100 kg in total weight for two-seaters.

*Two-seaters must be 18 years or older in the back seat.

​*It will be a dedicated course that does not use grade crossings.

​*You cannot change the driver or the number of people while driving.

Please contact us for details.


KID RACER is an electric motor drive type.

You can ride alone from 4 years old or older.

The maximum speed is about 10km/h, so you can enjoy it calmly.

The steering wheel is also left and right, the pedal has an automatic brake

If you step forward ⇔ release it is a simple operation of the brake.

It also comes with a seat belt.

This model can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults, so you can compete with your children.

You can enjoy it as a two-seater and enjoy it with the whole family.


Driving regulations

Driver's seat: Height 145 cm or more

 Age 18 or older with a regular driver's license

(Those who do not have a license: ”Alive & Drive” 38 seconds or less andThose who can drive safely)

Passenger seat: 5 years old or older, height 110 cm or taller

* Minors need parental consent for the first time.

* Only the driver's seat costs the first license fee of 500 yen.

* Melmet or face mask is required for 2 people.

* Only the driver's seat can be operated. ​

​*Drivers cannot be changed while driving.

*Even if the riding conditions are met, the seat does not fit and the steering wheel cannot be reached.

・If you can't reach the pedal, if you can't fasten your seat belt, etc.

"We may refuse to drive."

"Please contact us for details."

Two-seater model made by Sodi

The two-seater kart has a 270cc engine

“I want to get on but I'm worried about driving” “I want to enjoy it together”

It is the perfect cart for such a person.

It is also perfect for learning how to line.​


HarborCircuit KISARAZU


1-4 Tsukiji, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba

Outside AEON MALL Kisarazu

TEL 0438-53-8055

Business hours

Weekday 12:00~21:30

Sat,Sun,Holiday 10:00~21:30

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