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[Discount service]
★ Group discount: 500 yen discount from the price below per person for 10 people or more


Required for first-time users

500 yenAnnual fee/No expiration date
*​ Lost items can be reissued (500 Yen)
Pre-registration is [here]

If you are driving, you will need to register your license. If you do not have one, please register at the store or online and come to the reception desk.

Chiba indoor Track license card

No need to issue if you have oneis.

Chiba track virtual license (QR code)

If you have it, you can continue driving as is.


​Free size

500 yen
*If you have my helmet,Unnecessary

Rental helmet (free rental)​Items required for use.

*You can bring your own
You can choose from 5 colors.

Available colors may change depending on stock status.










What is a group race?

Reservations have priority, but you can still race even if you do not have a reservation.
Why don't you aim for the podium when you come to the circuit?
The number of runs varies depending on the plan.
"Practice and Qualifying Time Attack"
Time attack style, starting from the PIT.
The starting order for the "Final race" will be determined by the order of the fastest times.

"Final Race"
This race determines the final ranking.
The kars line up on the course and start simultaneously at the signal.
The moment the signal turns green, the tension is palpable.
The tension at the moment when the signal turns green and everyone dives into the corner at once is something you can't get enough of no matter how many times you experience it!

After the race, there is an awards ceremony.
Medals or trophies are given to the top three finishers!
The whole process ends with a commemorative photo.
The photos can be downloaded online.
If you want to aim for first place, practice in the Arrive&Driving!
You may also ask our staff for tips on how to get faster and win races.


for other driving plans


Arrive & Drive

This is a basic plan that can be enjoyed by one person.
Each session is 6 minutes long.
Start from the pit and return to the pit when finished.
Sessions are tailored to the driver's level.
The sessions are tailored to the driver's level, so you can enjoy driving with peace of mind.


Private reserved

Reservations are required at least one week in advance.

Recreation among friends, in-house recreation, etc.

This is recommended for those who are considering using it in a group.

It is possible to plan the trip according to your wishes.

*License card required (new ¥500/person)

​Sample plans are also available.


​SWS official race

World's largest rental cart ranking

You can participate in SodiWorldSeries (hereinafter referred to as SWS).

Registration is easy and free.

An SWS-ID is required to participate in the race.

​Pre-registration is required if you wish to participate.

HarborCircuit KISARAZU


1-4 Tsukiji, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba

Outside AEON MALL Kisarazu

TEL 0438-53-8055

Business hours

Weekday 12:00~21:30

Sat,Sun,Holiday 10:00~21:30

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